Making Oneflare Adaptive

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Adaptive app launcher icons for Android The freedom of Android is often a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can open up opportunity for creativity and uniqueness. On the other hand, it can sometimes leave the end user with a in-cohesive user experience. Take app icons for instance. I really loved how Android didn’t box app developers in to a rigid shape for their app launcher icons. Their guidelines specified that app launcher icons should represent a real world object

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“OK Oneflare” – Oneflare Ignite Hackathon

Twice a year, Oneflare engineers break from normal duties and form into super teams for our ‘Oneflare Ignite’ hackathons. Anyone can post ideas on our ideas board and then try to convince people to join their team. The afternoon before the hackathon officially starts, we get a bit of time to get together with our teams to make a plan of attack. So our team found a room and after asking our new office Google Home to tell us a few

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What’s your Android App test coverage?

There’s more to test coverage than just a number. Are they good tests? Do they cover critical paths? Obviously, your users don’t care about unit tests. They just want a need fulfilled and want your software to help them fulfil it reliably. Tests can increase your confidence that you will be catching errors before you ship to your users. There’s a number of ways to see your test coverage on Android. We’ll look at what I think is the easiest

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Android: How to Test UI Fragments with Espresso.

Android Espresso UI Testing

So you’ve just pumped out an awesome new feature. You’re stoked. Your finger hovers above the mouse button, ready to hit deploy. Woah there, cowboy. Did you break anything? Are you sure? Yeah, you should probably regression test every critical path in the app… again… and on each of those test devices in the office. Alternatively, you could write some tests. In this article, we’ll specifically look at Android Fragment UI testing with Espresso. If you’re not set up with Espresso,

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The 5 Sweetest Oreo features

One of the awesome things about developing for Android is the delicious celebrations you can have with the each new OS release. When Google announced Android 8.0 as ‘Oreo’, the mobile squad here at Oneflare couldn’t wait to rip apart the choc cookie sandwich covers of the announcements and get to the sweet, sweet vanilla creme centre of the new sdk. Our top 5 Oreo features: Shortcut pinning Being able to deep link into a specific part of the app

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Connecting Android UI tests with CI

At Oneflare, we’re always looking to make things easier on ourselves so that our time is spent building features that our users want. In the world of Android, there are now more than 10000 devices to support, that’s quite a few! Rather than drowning in a sea of devices and manually repeating the same testing scenarios on a variety of devices, it makes sense to offload as much of this work as we can. In June 2016, Google introduced Firebase

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