Writing a cross-platform chatbot in Go

Chat apps have long been an important tool for us in the Oneflare Engineering team. We use Slack (previously, HipChat) not only to communicate with each other, but also to provide automated notifications and tooling of various sorts to assist in development workflows. For example, we make use of a third-party Slack integration that messages developers when someone has tagged them as reviewer in a GitHub pull request—and messages them again each day to remind them of any review requests

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Managing Redis Keys with a Simple Ruby DSL

As the Oneflare platform has grown, Redis has become an increasingly important part of our stack. A highly performant, in-memory data store, Redis has been crucial in enabling us to add data-rich features to our platform without compromising on a responsive user experience. Redis is a key-value store. The values can be various kinds of data: sets, lists, hashes and other types are supported. The keys, which are always strings, are how Redis identifies particular values for storing and retrieval. Key patterns It is common for

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