Considering CarPlay for Inclusive Design

At Oneflare, we just had our 5th hackathon (!!). In the past, we’ve been given carte blanche to do basically whatever we like. This time around, we wanted to give the hackathon a more narrow focus, so we decided to focus it around Inclusive Design. Inclusive Design is an amazing field of research, and once you start understanding the foundations, you can literally apply it to every product decision you make. We had some fascinating projects come from the hackathon,

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It’s like X, for Y!

For the Haunted Hackathon we just had, my team and I decided we’d figure out how to solve a pretty unique challenge that we have around state changes.  If you’re not already aware, Oneflare is a two-sided marketplace. A core part of our product is helping Businesses quote on work. We do this by presenting Businesses on our platform leads, which are posted by Customers.  A Business makes a decision around wanting to quote for that lead, and then they provide

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What’s it like to run a Hackathon?

Oneflare’s 4th hackathon is fast approaching (October 31st -> November 2nd), so I thought it’d be a neat idea to give you a peak behind the curtain to see what’s involved in organising and running a successful hackathon!  I’ve been lucky enough to help organise the last 2 hackathons at Oneflare. Typically, we’ll start planning a few months out. The first thing we’ll do is gather together and decide a theme. Because of the timing of the upcoming one, a

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