Simplifying web forms with React and voice commands

At our recent Hackathon we were given the challenge of making our service more accessible. On web apps the main way users interact with our site is through forms. To post a job on Oneflare for example, you need to answer a series of questions to tell us what you need. This is the standard experience for entering information on a website, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.  Forms require a lot of attention. You need to stop what you’re

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Introducing Flarecoin!

With the rise of cryptocurrencies we have decided to build our own blockchain… For the hackathon that is! Introducing Flarecoin! Oneflare’s revolutionary cryptocurrency that allows businesses and customers to purchase and earn Flarecoin, which can then be spent on credit packs or used amongst our ecosystem of apps. So why introduce a cryptocurrency? Trust-less payments; we can build smart contract protocols into the blockchain. Once the job is done, the customer releases the payment which automatically pays the business. Less

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Uploading straight to S3 using Javascript and Rails

A while back the team of engineers at Oneflare had to come up with a new scalable system that enables our users to simultaneously upload large numbers of image files. At that time our servers were struggling when our users attempted to upload multiple large files (and sometimes with slow internet connections). We’d get a request queue buildup, and all users would be negatively impacted. In a nutshell Users uploading large files and/or have slow internet speeds consume multiple web workers

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