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As the head of Marketing, I usually get left out of all the fun aspects of Hackathon, but this year my team and I worked across a few teams and got to join in on all the festivities.

Oneflare does a great job of onboarding its business customers and training them on how to use the platform to win more work, but, as hard as it may be to imagine, there are some things that we’re not so great at. Onboarding our in-house employees is one such area. We know our employees end up really loving it here, and we know that they also really love the hiring process. But it’s that time between when they get an offer, and when they’re in their 2nd month, that we struggle with.

Team Jetpack

Our Hackathon team was UX heavy (two UX’ers in fact) and we decided that step 1 would be interviewing the recent new starters about their experience. We quickly realised we may have bitten off more than we can chew with the research. Results showed us that there was a lot that needed fixing, especially with new hires involved in sprint work. That’s when we figured out that our project was going to require us to drill down further and make a detailed plan for action, not just a hacked together presentation (no offence to some of the other projects :P).

So, cue montage of 48 hours of employee mood journeys, compiling qualitative results, sifting through current onboarding processes, googling best practices and speaking with a few friends who work at other tech companies in HR.

Here is the old mood map for new starters (in teal)
compared to where we want it to be (in yellow.)

We came up with Jetpack, the NEW and BETTER onboarding process for new starters. Basically, its a more cohesive process that allows new started to feel fully supported from before they even start all the way through to the end of their probation, as well as more informed about the business, its products and its customers. Key elements include new starter support groups (launch teams) empowering managers to reduce sprint work during onboarding, new starters learning from their equivalents in other departments and setting up a point system that ‘gamifies’ the onboarding process. The point system awards points to those who complete certain tasks and each 30, 60, 90 point milestone means prizes for the new starter. The points are designed to allow new starters to have a more holistic onboarding, incorporating elements of their actual role, sprint work, cultural activities and learning more about other departments.

Some of Jetpacks features

Although there wasn’t any tech build nor product involvement, our CEO told the entire Oneflare team that he wants Jetpack rolled out ASAP and we’re already started on implementation with HR and managers. We didn’t ‘win’ any awards, but we won in our hearts because we actually just wanted to make the process better for our new teammates.

** This article was written by the Head of Marketing, a person who is currently (desperately) recruiting a Marketing Specialist. If you would like to join the Oneflare team, please head to our careers page to find out more about the role.*

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