Considering CarPlay for Inclusive Design

At Oneflare, we just had our 5th hackathon (!!). In the past, we’ve been given carte blanche to do basically whatever we like. This time around, we wanted to give the hackathon a more narrow focus, so we decided to focus it around Inclusive Design. Inclusive Design is an amazing field of research, and once you start understanding the foundations, you can literally apply it to every product decision you make. We had some fascinating projects come from the hackathon,

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Storyboard Monster – Part One : The truth

An Introduction to Storyboards Before storyboards, programmers had to design UI elements whether all in code or in separate Xib files. The former used to be the most favourable approach because of the tempting control over all aspects of the elements. However using this approach, programmers have to write literally more than thousands of lines of code just for UI elements and then run all that hefty code every time they change a single value, say the height of a

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